Data Digger

Data digger is one of our custom developed tools that provides us with rapid insight into any size data set.

It is a menu driven application that reports about the data from two points of view.

  • Management can quickly obtain an understanding of the values in the data
  • Developers learn the structural knowledge required to build intelligent information systems

The results are presented in standard reports which assist in the decision making process

Some of the Key Information reported includes:

  • number of unique values in a particular field
  • quick report of the actual unique values in selected fields
  • reports the frequency that the field is actually used
  • data size and widest width

Coal to Diamonds

Face it - when your dealing with thousands and potentially hundreds of thousands of rows of data, the valuable information can become obscured behind the garbage.

Making heads or tails of anything can become extremely difficult and your supposed to make intelligent business decisions from this?

Bad data gives you a distinct disadvantage. With or without intention, busy schedules, clerical errors and file corruption can all lead to inaccurate data sets. Sure the extraction process can create a perfect file, our experience shows this is the exception not the rule.

Let us turn your data coal into actionable data diamonds

Data Digger - Data Exploration

File Finder - Where is my @#%$ file

Refreshable XLS - Self help reports to SQL Server

SQL Generators - Tools that code for us

Table Explorer - Browse SQL Databases

Field Explorer - Examine Table Field by Field

Data Insert Tool - Move Data between Systems

Code Repositories - SQL, C#, Other

Shortcuts - Team Share of Project Locations

Project Tracking Software

Paradox Open Source - String Library

File Lister - Fast file admin tool

DDIR - Folder Size Generator

Our Awesome Equipment

  • All Workstations have Dual Monitors - Can't Go Back
  • Dedicated Database Servers
  • Fast Solid State Drives
  • 30 TB of Storage
  • High Speed Internet Up/Down


  • Quickbooks
  • Great Plains
  • IntelliApp

Collaboration Tools

  • Smartsheet
  • GoTo Meeting
  • Citrix Sharefile

Business Software

  • Microsoft
  • Microsoft 365 Cloud
  • SQL Server 2012
  • Camtasia Studios


  • Microsoft Visual Studio C#
  • Paradox
  • TSQL/SQL Server

Web Development

  • Adobe CC Dreamweaver 2016
  • Adobe Creative Cloud 2016

Payroll Services

  • ADP
  • Paylocity